• What are the Causes of Knee Pain?

    Often, knee pain is the results of dysfunction of the hips and feet. Knee pain can affect athletes, adolescent individuals, elderly, and everyone in-between. If the foot and hip are out of balance, the knee will absorb the forces applied to these structures resulting in pain. Fast twisting motion and chronic abnormal joint position of the knee are two main causes of knee pain. Often muscular strains and ligamentous sprains result from one of these two mechanisms. 

    What are the Symptoms of Knee Pain?

    Symptoms of knee pain vary depending on the causative factors. Symptoms may include: joint swelling, sharp pain underneath the knee cap, redness, weakness, instability while standing on one leg, difficulties going up or down stairs, and excessive popping. Knee pain may be experienced as a sharp pinpoint pain or as an achy sensation of the entire or partial aspects of the knee. 

    Consult a Doctor if the Following Occur:

    • Unable to bear weight on the knee
    • Fall or suspected fracture
    • Weakness or instability
    • Unable to straighten or bend the knee fully
    • Severe twisting motion resulting in pain
    • Throbbing, redness, or excessive swelling

    What are Common Treatments for Knee Pain?

    Physiotherapeutic treatments that focus on restoring healthy tissue quality to the supporting structures of the knee can be help decrease pain while restoring function to the knee. In most cases, conservative care through manual therapy and corrective exercise programs can prevent surgery, especially for ligament tears. However, if left untreated, degeneration within the knee may require preventable surgery. Here at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic we focus on the best evidence-based techniques and treatment protocols to help eliminate pain and dysfunction within the human body. 

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