• Lower Back Pain

  • What are the Causes of Lower Back Pain?

    Research shows that 80% of people will experience low back pain sometime in their life and 40% in any one year. There are many different causes of low back pain. Unless a traumatic accident or fall has occurred, most causes can be categorized as chronic dysfunction presenting as acute pain. Acute injuries include traumatic events such as car accidents, falling off a ladder, or any involvement with high impact forces. Chronic causes of low back pain are often due to overuse injuries at the site of the tissue. Activities which often require, or are seen with, excess flexion in the low back include bicycling, sitting, yard work, and anything requiring rounding of the low back such as picking up a child.

    What are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

    Symptoms of low back pain depend on the mechanism of injury and the tissue involved from the injury. Low back pain may present itself as a sharp, pinpoint pain with specific movements or as a dull, achy pain. Individuals may also experience shooting or electrical type pains traveling from the low back and down into the legs.

    Consult a Doctor if the Following Occur:

    • Shooting or electrical pain down the legs
    • Numbness, tingling, or the sensation of weakness
    • Bowel or bladder problems
    • Stiffness or tightness with waking up in the morning
    • Increased pain with sitting or rising from a seated position

    What are Common Treatments for Lower Back Pain?

    Treatment for low back pain depends on the tissue damaged and lack of motion or excessive motion elsewhere in the body. Often, the low back is painful due to other areas of the body not moving efficiently such as the feet, hips, and thoracic spine (middle back). Mobilization of restricted areas of the low back and structures listed above often help reduce or eliminate pain and the dysfunction driving the pain. When overuse syndromes occur, the soft tissue structures supporting the body become irritated and painful. Techniques such as A.R.T., Graston, FAKTR, and Dry Needling are fantastic at restoring the proper tone within the injured tissue.

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