• What are the Causes of Running and Sport Related Injuries?

    The rise of sport-related injuries have increased drastically over recent years. Roughly 3.5 million kids under the age of 15 will receive medical treatment for sports related injuries according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. When an athlete jogs, sprints, or quickly changes direction the body has to effectively transfer its weight. The force produced while jogging equates to 6-8 times an individual's body weight. With greater speed and directional movement in competitive sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and other sport-related activities, the possibility for injury exponentially increases. 

    A common dysfunction in many athletic or active populations is lack of proper hip musculature strength ratios. Research indicates that if an athlete’s adductor strength is less than 80% of their abductor strength they are 17 times more likely to strain an adductor or groin muscle. Research has also revealed female athletes with knee pain have adductor/abductor strength ratios that are 23% different from healthy non painful female athletes. These studies identify an importance for proper muscular balance, control, and strength to minimize sport related injuries. 

    What are the Symptoms of Running and Sport Related Injuries?

    Symptoms of running and sport related injuries vary drastically depending on the sport specific movements. Symptoms may included but not limited to: plantar fasciitis, ACL ruptures, rotator cuff injuries, pulled hamstring, stress fractures of the foot, and patellar femoral pain syndrome. 

    Consult a Doctor if the Following Occur:

    • Knee pain during sports related activities
    • Dizziness after contact
    • Foot, ankle, or shin pain
    • Unable to weight bear on single a limb
    • Pinching pain in shoulder

    What are Common Treatments for Running and Sport Related Injuries?

    Treatment for running and sport related injuries often will include soft tissue treatments such as Graston, FAKTR, A.R.T., and Dry Needling to help restore proper tissue tone within the damaged myofascial units. However, to minimize future occurrences, tailored rehabilitation programs are vital to fix the flawed movement strategies which lead to the pain and injury.

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