• Hip Labral Repair


    The labrum of the hip is a protective cartilage that cushions the hip joint. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint which allows motion into three planes. The hip joint allows movement of the lower extremity into the sagittal, coronal, and horizontal planes. When the labrum is injured it causes pain in the hip and can limit a person from performing things like squatting, long distance running, jumping, and high impact or extreme movement activities. Labral tears can occur through traumatic events like a fall or sudden jarring movement of the hip joint. Labral tears can also occur over time through general degeneration of the hip joint as well as certain biomechanical and developmental irregularities.

    What are the Symptoms of a Labral Tear?

    • Popping or clicking of the hip joint
    • Pain in the hip with walking or other weight bearing activities
    • Pain or ache in the shape of a C wrapping around the hip
    • Sharp pain in the front of the hip with squatting
    • Pain in the front of the hip while flexing the hip past 90 degrees
    • Catching sensation in the hip


    How can a Labral Tear be Treated?

    Labral tears depending on the severity can be confirmed with imaging. If you suspect a labral tear you should see a physician. Mild and even some moderate labral tears can improve with physical therapy and conservative management. Physical therapy for a labral tear should include balance and proprioception training, hip strengthening and stability exercises, core work, pain management and manual therapy to improve him range of motion, and activity progression. The running and squats are the most common aggravating activities for a labral issue. It is important to progress back into these activities slowly when rehabbing a labrum issue.


    Here at F.I.T. we have implemented our own personal labral repair training program for patients who have chosen to undergo surgery and have seen excellent outcomes for our patients. Here is a patient who has returned to full running and lifting activities in just 3 short months.



    Here at F.I.T. Muscle and Joint Clinic we use a variety of techniques to help improve your hip pain before or after surgery. These techniques include joint mobilizations, Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston therapy, and corrective exercises which have given us the best possible results that conservative care can offer. Don’t allow pain to hold you back. Let the team at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic maximize your health, power, and performance!

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