• Postoperative Care

    While many conditions can be effectively treated with chiropractic care and physical therapy, some conditions do require surgical intervention to maximize function. The surgery itself is the easy part...it's what follows that will determine your results. Not all surgeries are major but almost all surgeries require a course of rehabilitation. The therapists at F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic are well trained and have extensive experience in treating post surgical cases and producing optimal outcomes for their patients. 

    Surgical procedures we treat:

    • Shoulder
      • Rotator Cuff Repairs
      • Labral Repairs
      • Biceps Tenodeses and Tenotomies 
      • Humeral Fractures with Open reduction Internal Fixation (and humeral fractures not requiring fixation)
      • Total and Reverse Total Shoulder Replacements
    • Elbow
      • Extensor Tendon Repairs
      • Elbow Fractures with Open Reduction Internal Fixation (and elbow fractures not requiring fixation)
      • Radial Head Replacements 
    • Wrist
      • Colles' Fractures with Open Reduction Internal Fixation (and wrist fractures not requiring fixation)
      • Carpal Tunnel Release
    • Hip
      • Labral Repairs
      • Camplasties and Femoroplasties
      • Hip Fractures with Open Reduction Internal Fixation (and hip fractures not requiring fixation)
      • Hip Replacements
      • Gluteus Tendon Repairs
    • Knee
      • Meniscus Repairs
      • Meniscectomies
      • ACL Reconstructions
      • Patellar Tendon and Quadriceps Tendon Repairs
      • Patella Fractures with Open Reduction Internal Fixation (and patella fractures not requiring fixation)
      • Lateral Release
      • Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction
      • Knee Replacements
    • Ankle
      • Ankle Fractures with Open Reduction Internal Fixation (and ankle fractures not requiring fixation)
      • Achilles' Tendon Repairs

    Your doctor will inform you of when you are to start physical therapy following your surgery. We follow specific protocols and guidelines with rehabilitation of all surgical procedures and communicate with your surgeon about your progress and any concerns that may arise during your treatment. 



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